Mission & Outreach

Mission and Outreach includes both local and global support.  The work of our Deacons provides outreach to those in need, both in our church family and in our community. 

We are proud to have partnered with Mission at the Eastward to renovate the McCleary House,  a transitional housing project, to serve the needs of our neighborhood and the community.  We will provide the hospitality support of a person or family living in the housing during their tenancy. 

Special offerings are taken throughout the year to support the wider Presbyterian mission, for instance, the One Great Hour of Sharing and the Christmas Joy offerings.

Recent mission projects that we have supported include, The World Kitchen in support of the Ukrainian people, the Jikani project in South Africa to support the education of a promising student, and the needs of children both locally and worldwide. 

  • Ukrainian Flag & Cross
    Ukrainian Flag & Cross
  • The Shed
    The Shed (Storage for Yard Sale)
  • McCleary
    McCleary House (Transitional Housing)
  • McCleary Bedroom
    Renovated McCleary House Bedroom
  • Lobster Shed
    Working the Lobster Shed at Farmington Fair
  • Jikani
    Jikani Logo
  • Jikani Student
    Jikani Student
  • Alice & Tom
    The Shed Construction