About Us


The vision of Fairbanks Union Church is to serve across generations and collaborate with Mission at the Eastward (MATE) and other local and international ministries to share the love of God, inviting others to actively join with us as ‘doers’ rooted in our Christian faith.  We see a direct connection between the faith we celebrate in worship and the faith we live out in our daily lives.


We live out our vision through our involvement in local community outreach.  Our congregation is known for its commitment to social ministries.  Through the work of our Deacons, we support the Care and Share Food Closet, the Farmington Area Ecumenical Ministry heating fund and the transitional housing project at the McCleary House. We host an annual Christmas service for the bereaved.  The Fairbanks church is the home base for MATE.  Each summer the MATE Housing Ministry brings hundreds of volunteers from churches all over the country to renovate and repair houses for those in need in the greater Franklin County region.


  • We are open and welcoming. The congregation of the Fairbanks Union Church is from diverse backgrounds and ages, eager to question, express their doubts and share their faith, who love to give dynamic expression to that faith and who are actively involved in the local and international community as "doers" rooted in our Christian faith.
  • We believe in Jesus Christ who suffered and died to free us from our sins.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit who is active in the lives of believers.
  • We believe in the Bible as the word of God.
  • We believe in the power of prayer to change the world and ourselves.


A big part of being a member of a community is the chance to socialize with others. Many churches have large and small events for their church members. These church events can be fun and meaningful. They can also offer chances to form friendships, build professional relationships, and strengthen connections with God.

A person may become an active member of the Fairbanks Union Church in the following ways:

  1. Public profession of faith, made after careful examination by the session in the  meaning and responsibilities of membership; if not already baptized, the person shall be baptized.
  2. Certificate of transfer, when a person is a member of another Christian church at the time of transfer.
  3. Reaffirmation of faith, for persons previously baptized in the triune God and having publicly professed their faith.

Presbytery of Northern New England (PNNE)

The Fairbanks Union Church is a member congregation of the Presbytery of Northern New England (PNNE), a mid-council of the Presbyterian Church (USA). PNNE consists of all the ministers and churches in New Hampshire, Maine, most of Vermont and northeastern Massachusetts. 

The PNNE is one of the 19 presbyteries in the Synod of the Northeast.

We send two representatives to Stated Meetings and have one representative on the Commission on Ministry.

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